Welcome to Ro Sports Chiropractic!

I am Dr. Seungyeup Ro. My passion for helping people realize their full potential in body, mind, and spirit is my life's mission. I graduated from National University of Health Science in Lombard, Illinois with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree and I have been practicing since 2011. I have done post graduate studies in sports injuries, myofascial release, and functional movement techniques.

Growing up in America allowed me to get involved in variety of sports. I am a 5th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. I also played college football and I suffered many injuries from torn muscles and tendons to broken bones and concussions.


Living through all those injuries, I felt my body dealing with delayed recovery. After college, that is when I chose to take control of my body and take care of it to perform at its best. The answer was lifestyle transformation and main ingredient was CHIROPRACTIC! 

Chiropractic allowed my body to be aligned and heal itself. I truly experienced life transformation through chiropractic lifestyle. To date, I have lost 70 pounds since college football days and blood pressure is back to normal. Now I enjoy playing golf, tennis, and traveling with my family when I am not in the office. 


I have achieved to receive CCSP® as a certified sports chiropractor in 2017.  I am able to serve and help many more athletes and teams achieve their goals to greatness. 


I am on a mission to show people how to live pain-free life without use of drugs or surgery. Help and join me to create a healthier community! 




Chiropractic is the care of the nervous system through adjustments to restore innate intelligence back into the body. This allows the body to heal itself as it was originally designed.

We use latest Cutting Edge technology to scan and assess precisely to provide most effective and complete care. We measure your progress and we can predict your success.

We are working with EnShape Fitness of Naperville to provide one stop facility for wellness. Customized fitness program for each individual creates an optimal condition for a body to heal and strengthen like never before.

Every sport demands different set of skills and biomechanics. Get specific to see the best results for your sport. Let us help you get to the next level!

As MoveWell certified chiropractor, we use best movement assessment to help your body stay functional. Before you can work on fitness, let's build a foundation to support your fitness goals.

Meditation is often overlooked component of wellness. Stress is leading cause of disease which often leads to poor quality of life and even death. Don't delay any longer and get you body, mind, and spirit in sync to experience ultimate wellness.